At SalientContent, we know that accuracy is critical. We know that deadlines are serious, and that late is not an option. We understand that almost all issues can be prevented or resolved with constant, clear, consistent communication.

Our team of peer review, editorial, and publishing professionals collaborates with our clients to ensure the integrity of their content, implement effective approaches and workflows, and provide world-class support. We are experts in scientific and technical publishing, but more importantly, we are partners who establish communicative, cooperative relationships with our clients.

Cheryl Shanks

Cheryl Shanks


Cheryl is President and founder of SalientContent.  She launched the company in 2010 with the vision of creating and supporting a talented and diverse workforce focused on providing high-quality support for ensuring publication of trusted content.

Cheryl has three decades of experience in content development and peer review technology, strategy, and operations for well-established publishing programs with global operations and reach.  She has managed book and journal development and has established a record of success in overseeing the operations of over 300 journal editorial offices for a prominent scholarly content provider.  With in-depth expertise in selection and configuration of peer review technologies, Cheryl enjoys working with publishers to create peer review environments that incorporate efficient and effective processes and build loyalty from authors, reviewers, and editors.

In her current role at SalientContent, Cheryl provides strategic guidance and consultation to STM publishers on matters involving workflow design and development, journal stand-up, appropriate technology systems to support journal operations and expansion, and administrative management of large journal and publishing programs.  Cheryl is also focused on SalientContent employee development and mentoring to support individual and team growth.

Cheryl and her husband reside in Fairfax, VA, about 20 miles outside of Washington, D.C.  She escapes to the beach as often as she can, but almost always with a computer and a mobile hotspot in tow.  For a total escape, she heads to a nearby barn where she boards her 2 horses.


Michal Rottman

Vice President,
Operations and Business Development

Michal Rottman is the Vice President for Operations and Business Development for SalientContent.  Michal joined SalientContent in 2014, serving as a Journal Office Administrator and has since expanded her role to focus on development of efficient workflow designs and processes and identifying opportunities for business expansion.

Before joining SalientContent, Michal spent 20 years in public service, most recently as an executive director in the Federal government overseeing security programs in the homeland security sector.  In her various roles, she was responsible for optimizing operational processes, increasing efficiency of operations in major transportation security programs, and leveraging broad public and private networks to enhance security performance in domestic and international transportation security operations.

At SalientContent, Michal leads workflow design and optimization projects to support various needs of clients generally aimed at improving publication timelines and author and reviewer experience.  She also leads efforts to develop business proposals designed to meet a client’s unique needs and requirements and creates teams that offer a depth and breadth of experience that is specific to the identified project and client.

Michal lives in Dallas, Texas where she resides with her husband and two sons.  She is an avid runner and enjoys traveling abroad and to see her family in the Washington, D.C. area as often as she can.  She runs the SalientContent Dallas operation with her trusted (and lazy) mutt Iggy by her side.


Teresa York

Assistant Director

Teresa York is the Assistant Director for Salient Content.  Teresa is a founding team member in SalientContent, having joined the company in 2010.  In her role, Teresa focuses on training for new employees and oversight of specific journal operations.

Prior to joining Salient Content, Teresa worked as an Administrative Assistant with 20 years of experience supporting Interior Designers and Interior Architects, where she was responsible for budgeting projects, placing bids, billing and invoicing, and payment.

Teresa manages editorial support for a major scientific journal supporting over 1700 submissions per year, providing assistance to the Journal Office Administrator and assigned peer review analysts.  Teresa also supports and provides operational oversight for eight international journals and their assigned editors handling over 4000 annual submissions for a major scientific society.  Teresa has expertise in all aspects of the peer review process, from submission to acceptance, and follow on production processes.

Teresa lives in Chester, VA with her husband and two dogs, three cats, chickens, and two turkeys.  Teresa has three grown children and four grandchildren.  Teresa also shares a love of horses.  Groom or ride a horse.  It will make you happy inside!


Robin Wolczanski

Senior Peer Review Analyst

Robin Wolczanski joined SalientContent in July 2015, initially serving as an Editorial Assistant for two editors in a chemistry-related journal. Robin was later promoted to Journal Office Administrator and also serves as an Editorial Assistant to an Executive Editor, and four Editors in a major scientific journal supporting over 7500 annual submissions.

Before joining SalientContent, Robin graduated with a Masters of Science degree in chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University. After her education, Robin taught for five years on the college level handling Chemistry Lecture and Laboratory courses. Missing the laboratory environment, Robin worked in two laboratory settings, Lancaster Laboratories, and the Naval Research Laboratory. Followed by a career with the federal government in the intelligence community which provided her with extensive experience in chemistry and biology applications for national security.

At SalientContent, Robin has expanded into the role of Journal Office Administrator. In this role, Robin has been involved in the development of systems to handle peer review and journal management processes including, manuscript transfer and invited workflow processes. She provides direct support to journal executive staff and is responsible for analysis of journal statistics and reporting.

Robin lives in Warrenton, Virginia with her husband, and they love to travel in the United States and other parts of the world. Her hobbies include knitting and sewing. However, the real joy in life for Robin is her grandchildren.


Chris Weale

Senior Peer Review Analyst

Chris Weale joined SalientContent in 2013 as the Journal Office Administrator for a major scientific journal where he manages daily peer review operations and provides direct assistance to the Editor-in-Chief.

Before joining SalientContent, Chris worked for 18 years for a major scientific society.  In this role, he helped expand journal office operations to 140 offices worldwide and support the operation of a 24/7 peer review system.  He also served as a Journal Office Administrator for a major scientific publication for over 10 years.

At SalientContent, Chris leads a team of editorial assistants who are responsible for processing over 5000 annual peer-reviewed manuscripts.  He has expertise in production of journal cover art, management of special issues, and handling of ethical and other issues.  Chris provides editorial support to three senior editors.

Chris lives in Albuquerque with his wife.  He and his wife are avid hikers and enjoy both cross country and downhill skiing.

Membership and Certifications

  • SalientContent is a proud member and corporate sponsor for the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE).
  • SalientContent is a proud member of the International Association of STM Publishers.
  • SalientContent is a proud council contributor for the Council of Science Editors.
  • SalientContent is a registered contractor in the U.S. Federal government System for Award Management.
  • SalientContent is a Dun & Bradstreet registered company.
  • SalientContent is a proud member of the Committee on Publication Ethics.

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