At SalientContent, partnership defines our culture. 

We establish relationships with our clients that are based on  trust, offering them creative and  lasting solutions for their publishing needs.

We recognize individualized talent in our team members and cultivate an environment of collaboration.

Our Team

SalientContent is a Fairfax, Virginia, based company that was founded in 2010 and is grounded in three decades of experience in STM publishing and peer review strategy and operations.  The SalientContent team is comprised of expert peer review professionals who partner with clients to enhance and ensure the integrity of their content, implement effective approaches and workflows, and provide managed support services and world class support.

We provide high quality, customer-centric, managed support and editorial services, allowing publishers, editors, authors, and reviewers to focus on the scientific and technical aspects of publishing research.  As a company, we exhibit expertise in peer review processes and technologies, from the initial administrative checking of manuscripts, through securing substantive reviews, communicating decisions, and working with editors and publishers to resolve issues related to copyright and ethics.

Executive leadership team

Cheryl Shanks

Cheryl is the President and Owner of SalientContent.  Cheryl has three decades of experience in content development and peer review technology, strategy, and operations for well-established publishing programs with global operations and reach.  She has managed book and journal development and has established a record of success in overseeing the operations of over 300 journal editorial offices for a prominent scholarly content developer.  With in-depth expertise in selection and configuration of peer review technologies to meet client needs and expectations, Cheryl has created a strong and diverse team to work with partners to define and provide ongoing support for ensuring the publication of trusted content.


Michal Rottman

Michal is the Vice President of Operations and Business Development for SalientContent.  Michal joined SalientContent in September 2014 as a Journal Office Administrator and has served in multiple roles supporting a number of high profile journals and publishing organizations.  In her role, Michal oversees the organization's day-to-day operations and client engagement  strategies.  Prior to joining SalientContent, Michal spent 20 years as an executive in the public sector.


Membership and Certifications

SalientContent is a proud member and corporate sponsor for the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE).

SalientContent is a proud member of the International Association of STM Publishers.

SalientContent is a registered contractor in the U.S. Federal government System for Award Management.

SalientContent is a Dun & Bradstreet registered company.