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At SalientContent, partnership defines our culture. 

We establish relationships with our clients that are based on  trust, offering them creative and  lasting solutions for their publishing needs.

We recognize individualized talent in our team members and cultivate an environment of collaboration.

Our Mission

Provide high quality, customer-centric, managed support services, allowing editors, authors, and reviewers to focus on the scientific and technical aspects of publishing research.

Our Experience

We are founded on three decades of experience in content development and peer review technology, strategy, and operations.

Our Capabilities

SalientContent can provide support and capability in several key areas.

  • Peer Review Strategy
  • Peer Review Operations
  • Editorial Support
  • Workflow Design and Optimization
  • Peer Review Technology Selection
  • Peer Review Technology Configuration
  • Publishing
  • Journal Development
  • Reviewer Database Development
  • SME Database Development
  • Content Development
  • Journal Administration


Leading provider of customer-forward managed support SOLUTIONS.


Work Hard.  

Be Nice.

Build Trust.

Demonstrate Integrity.

People Matter.